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EU and UK vaccination passports officially recognized by IATA Travel Pass

Holders of the EU COVID-19 Vaccination Passport or UK NHS COVID Pass can travel freely amid the coronavirus pandemic as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has recognized both passes as proof verified travel vaccination.

“COVID-19 vaccination certificates are becoming a widespread requirement for international travel. Managing EU and UK certificates through IATA Travel Pass is a significant step forward, providing convenience for travellers, authenticity for governments and efficiency for airlines,” Nick Careen, IATA senior vice president for safety and security of operations, said.

These travelers can now access important coronavirus-related travel information for their trip, download it in one place, and deliver it digitally. Additionally, this information may be presented to border control authorities, reports

IATA commends the effective work of the EU on implementing the EU DCC system across Europe and, at the same time, urges the World Health Organization to develop a global standard for digital vaccines.

“As more states roll out their vaccination programs, many are urgently looking to implement technical solutions to provide vaccine certification to their citizens when they travel. In the absence of a WHO standard, IATA urges them to take a close look at EU DCC as a proven solution that meets WHO guidelines and can help reconnect the world,” Vice President Careen said.

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He also noted that the lack of a global standard makes it much more difficult for airlines, border authorities and governments to recognize and verify a traveller’s digital vaccination document. Although the industry is struggling to provide solutions to recognize and verify each country’s certificates, this is a slow process that is delaying the restart of international travel.

IATA supported the implementation of the EU DCC and commended countries that adapted the gateway and those that removed entry bans for vaccinated travellers.

However, the association recently urged countries to exempt vaccinated travelers from testing requirements as it entails high costs. Instead, the association recommends that travelers adhere to travel measures, as the number of unruly passengers has increased since 2019.

According to an IATA study, around 83% of passengers support mandatory face coverings. On the other hand, passengers believe that the obligation to wear a mask should soon end.

The association previously published a report revealing that 2020 was the worst year for air travel as passenger demand fell by 60.2%, with only 1.8 billion passengers compared to 4.5 billion during low levels. pre-pandemic. Additionally, in 2020, international passenger demand decreased by 75.6%, while domestic air passenger demand fell by 48.8% compared to the same period in 2019.

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