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Could the Travel Pass app become Australia’s vaccination passport?

Australia could adopt the Travel Pass app to help restart international travel, with the International Air Transport Association – which developed the app – describing its ongoing discussions with the federal government as “encouraging.”

The smartphone app, which records both vaccination status as well as Covid test results, has already been adopted by dozens of airlines, including Qantas, which plans to integrate the app into its systems. here October before a restart in December for the international. flights.

Joyce said the Travel Pass would become “part of the check-in process to ensure we comply with countries that require it, as well as our own requirements for people to travel.”

Singapore has also selected the Travel Pass app for use at its international borders as the city-state cautiously reopens in some countries.

The federal government would start issuing “International Covid-19 Vaccination Certificates” from October as part of a campaign to establish international travel bubbles, which would be based not only on proof of vaccination but on recognition mutual vaccine, because not all countries have approved or issued the same shots.

“Encouraging” discussions

IATA describes the Travel Pass as a “digital health” app that connects passengers, airlines, governments and accredited laboratories performing verified Covid tests.

“We have been and continue to involve the Australian government, in particular the Australian Border Force, in efforts to restart international travel, including on the IATA Travel Pass,” said Albert Tjoeng of IATA. Executive traveler.

“The discussions continue to be encouraging.

Tjoeng described the Travel Pass as “a tool the Australian government can use when it restarts international travel where testing or vaccination is a requirement of entry.”

“This gives governments confidence in a traveler’s stated Covid-19 status, whether for testing or vaccination, as paper certificates are vulnerable to fraud.”

“Being able to digitally verify travelers’ health credentials will improve the efficiency of airlines, airports and immigration authorities in dealing with large numbers of passengers when demand for travel. will increase from the current low numbers. “

“Singapore accepts the IATA Travel Pass to enter immigration control, and we hope the Australian government will consider doing so as well.”

David Flynn is the editor of Executive Traveler and a somewhat tragic traveler with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.

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