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Mumbai Local Train Pass: To Travel From Sunday, Buy Monthly Rail Pass From Today | Bombay News

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MUMBAI: Before local trains reopened for fully vaccinated people on August 15, the state government established SOPs that only allow them to issue monthly seasonal passes. Round trip tickets or longer passes will not be issued.
Additionally, while the portal for a QR code pass is still in the works, offline verification desks will be installed at 109 MMR stations starting August 11. Among them, 358 meters will be installed in 53 stations within the limits of Mumbai.

These counters will be operational from 7 am to 11 pm every day, and will be managed by local communities. According to the BMC, citizens who have completed 14 days after the second dose should carry a hard copy of the final vaccination certificate and original photo ID (preferably an Aadhaar card) for verification, along with a photocopy of the identity document.
Once the assistance service has verified the vaccination status, it will stamp the vaccination certificate and the photocopy of the identity document. These must be provided when purchasing a monthly pass at the reservations desk. “Travelers must carry all three documents – monthly pass, stamped vaccination certificate and copy of a photo ID while traveling,” an official said.
“This offline process of issuing monthly seasonal passes will continue every seven days of the week until further notice and citizens therefore do not need to rush to stations,” said the commissioner of BMC. , Iqbal Singh Chahal. “The government is starting trains because of the difficulties faced by the working class in getting to their place of work. The idea of ​​only giving out monthly passes is to discourage people who wish to undertake unnecessary trips,” he said. said a senior official.
There are almost 24 lakhs of MMR that are fully vaccinated as of Monday, but less than 20 lakhs would have completed 14 days to be eligible for the trip. In addition, many of them are healthcare workers and frontline workers who are already traveling.
“There will be a monthly state review of the number of cases reported since the start of service and a periodic decision to continue issuing monthly passes will be made based on the Covid-19 situation,” said a senior official. The online portal that is set up and linked to CoWin for verification will take a few extra days to be operational.
Officials said the SoP was only intended for the general public. Other categories that are already allowed to board local trains, such as healthcare workers, government staff and frontline workers, can continue to travel according to procedure, using their ID cards, and can also get tickets daily.
The government expects all passengers entering railway premises to be screened for relevant documents at least until August 31, after which police can move on to random checks. Checks outside the station will be carried out by state police and government railway police and at railway premises by railway personnel. “Help from the local police will be requested for a few days until the process is streamlined,” an official said.
(With contributions from Manthan K Mehta)

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Civic Body begins issuing monthly pass for local trains to fully vaccinated people

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Mumbai Local Trains: Monthly pass will only be valid from August 15th. (To file)


As Mumbai prepares to resume commuter train services for the fully vaccinated public from August 15, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Wednesday kicked off an offline verification process for fully vaccinated people and began issuing monthly passes at 53 stations.

“… in order to allow citizens to travel on local trains and obtain a monthly rail pass, an offline verification process for the final COVID-19 vaccination (completed 14 days after the second dose) will begin to from August 11 at 53 railway stations in BMC’s area of ​​jurisdiction and a total of 109 stations in the Mumbai metropolitan area. It will be operational in two consecutive sessions from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., “said the commissioner of BMC, Iqbal Singh Chahal.

“… This will be facilitated both online and offline. The process of creating an application and starting the online process may take a little longer. Therefore, the offline process will start from the August 11, so that the Mumbaikars are not embarrassed. “, Added Mr. Chahal.

The offline process of issuing monthly season passes will continue seven days a week, until further notice.

Mr. Chahal informed that the process will begin at 53 suburban train stations in BMC’s area of ​​jurisdiction, including Central, West and Harbor Line stations.

“Citizens who have completed 14 days after receiving the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine can go to the nearest train station with a paper copy of the final vaccination certificate (second dose) as well as a piece of identification with Photo. Citizens should note that if they do not have both or even one of these documents, they will be refused entry by the railway administration at the station ”, reads the opinion of the BMC.

In addition, he was informed that the desks will be operational in two consecutive sessions, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. “The BMC or the local self-government staff concerned at the help desk will check the validity of the final vaccination certificate (second dose) of the citizen concerned on the CoWin application. They will also check the proof of identity with photo. Once the verification is complete and both documents are found to be valid, the certificate and proof of identity will be stamped in the prescribed format, ”he said.

Once the COVID certificate was stamped, a monthly rail pass would be issued by the railways, based on it. It is important to note that the pass will only be valid from August 15th.

The notice also mentioned that those who are not vaccinated, or who have just received a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine, would not be allowed to travel on commuter trains at this time.

“Strict police action under the Epidemic Control Law / Disaster Management Law / Indian Penal Code will be taken if a citizen tries to produce a fake / fake COVID vaccination certificate,” the BMC opinion.

Essential service workers and government, semi-government employees have been allowed to travel on local trains regardless of Covid vaccination.

(Except for the title, this story was not edited by NDTV staff and is posted from a syndicated feed.)

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Step by step guide to download the universal travel pass based on a QR code

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Latest from Mumbai local train: As COVID-19 cases have seen a sharp drop in Maharashtra, the Maharashtra government led by Uddhav Thackeray has allowed fully vaccinated Mumbaikars to travel on local trains from August 15. However, the government has clearly asked commuters to maintain a 14-day gap from the second dose of Covid-19 to get on trains. “Those who have completed 14 days after their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, can apply on a specially created application for the rail pass and they can pick up the same from their respective local offices,” CM Thackeray said during ‘a live webcast. August 8.Also Read – Mumbai Local Train Update: Fully Vaccinated Mumbaikars Can Travel On Local Trains From August 15th. Here’s what you need to enjoy the setup

Right now 19 lakhs in Mumbai are fully vaccinated, ”Thackeray said. Currently, common people are not allowed to board Mumbai’s commuter trains, which are only operated for people employed in essential industries and government services.

A step-by-step guide to the general e-pass

  • Click on the Universal Travel Pass button in the upper left corner of the web page

  • Click on Save your establishment.
  • A new window with the establishment’s registration form will open.

  • Fill in all the details about the establishment and the coordinator.

Check “I accept the conditions above”

  • Click on Register
  • You will receive an on-screen message and a mobile phone number indicating that the registration was successful.
  • The facility will be approved by the district disaster management authority.
  • Once approved, the coordinator will be asked to upload staff details using the CSV template provided on the website.
  • After the details are successfully uploaded, staff members will receive an SMS to download the travel maps from the website.

  • Staff members can log into the website and click on “Download Travel Pass”.
  • Login using mobile number to get OTP. After entering OTP, you need to upload a photo to generate an e-pass.
  • Click Print Pass or take a screenshot of the e-pass for future reference.

Those without a smartphone can obtain the offline pass from local neighborhood offices. QR codes will help authorities verify the authenticity of commuters.

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Bombay HC Chief Justice suggests separate local train pass for fully vaccinated people in Mumbai

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Currently Mumbai Residents Carry Only Essential Services Personnel (File) | Photo credit: PTI

Bombay: The Chief Justice of the Mumbai High Court on Thursday suggested that arrangements could be made for a separate local train pass for fully vaccinated people in Mumbai. On the issue of allowing fully vaccinated people to travel even on local trains, the case has been adjourned for next Thursday.

Earlier this week, the High Court asked the government of Maharashtra why vaccinated people could not be allowed to travel on local trains in Mumbai. What was even the purpose of taking the two doses of the vaccine if citizens were to stay at home even after receiving the anti-COVID-19 injections, a bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Judge GS Kulkarni asked.

The High Court has heard a slew of public interest litigation (PIL) filed by lawyers and individuals, asking that lawyers be allowed to travel on local trains and subways. The state government, however, argued that disaster management authorities were reluctant to allow lawyers, clerks and court staff to travel by local train.

Reluctant Disaster Management Authority: State

“The disaster management authority, however, is a bit reluctant. This time (during the second wave of COVID-19), only frontline health workers and government personnel are allowed to use the train.” Maharashtra Attorney General Ashutosh Kumbhakoni said.

A similar demand was also raised by the Maharashtra Congress, which claimed that fully vaccinated people would be allowed to resume train travel.

“Local trains are a lifeline for many commuters in Mumbai. Due to the pandemic-induced lockdown, many people are already struggling to make a living, and with the shutdown of the local train service, they cannot not go to their place of work. Now as the number of positive cases decreases, the government must consider restarting local trains of those who have taken two doses of the Covid vaccine, “said Mumbai Congress chief Bhai Jagtap , quoted by the ANI news agency.

Maharashtra was one of the worst-hit states in the second wave of the deadly pandemic. The state government therefore restricted local train operations to essential services only.

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“Theft of railway card” – dismay at the decision to reduce train passes

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A West Midlands public transport champion has denounced “railway card theft” after it was revealed that the discounted travel pass will not be extended for passengers unable to use it during Covid.

Walsall adviser Richard Worrall had asked for a four-month extension of the card – which gives people a reduction on fares – for those who can’t use it during the lockdown.

But in the FAQ section of the Railcard website, the company confirmed that the government has decided to keep the passes non-refundable because it will cost taxpayers too much money to reimburse customers.

He added that trains have operated throughout the pandemic to help key workers and passengers have been able to travel and use their cards.

Around 5.1 million Railcard holders pay £ 30 per year, giving a third reduction on fares.

Councilor Worrall, who is vice-chairman of the West Midlands Transport Delivery Committee, said the extension of the validity of rail cards would have reflected the loss of use suffered by people due to the coronavirus.

He said: “Government actions to actively discourage the use (of public transport) until recently have caused long-term damage to the viability of rail and buses and a shift to an even greater reliance on with regard to private cars.

“This malicious theft of Rail Cards is just the latest move to negatively affect public transport and is unlikely to encourage 5.1 million existing Card users to keep and use them, let alone ‘get new users back on track.

Video upload

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“It is clear that, whenever there are current or future pandemic restrictions which mean that you cannot use the train or your Train Card, you will be paying for a service that you cannot access and will not be compensated. . Just appalling. “

On the website, Railcard said: “After careful consideration, the government has confirmed to us that Railcards will remain non-refundable and will not be extended.

“The reimbursement or extension of rail cards for more than 5.1 million customers would have a significant cost to the taxpayer, at a time when the focus must be on maintaining rail services to support the country’s recovery after the pandemic.

“Rest assured that this decision was not taken lightly and was taken at the highest level.

“Rail services have continued to operate throughout the pandemic to support key workers and the economy.

“Anyone who continues to travel by train with a valid Train Card can use their reduction on their trip if they are eligible for it.”

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A Sonu Sood fan shares a photo of his old Mumbai train pass. Safar abhi bhi jaari hai, says the actor

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Sonu Sood is making headlines these days because of his efforts to help migrants return home during the nationwide lockdown imposed to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. The actor, who recently launched a toll-free number to help migrants, organized transport to ensure they are reunited with their families.

On Friday, a Sonu Sood fan shared a photo of the 20-year-old actor’s local train pass, which he used to travel during his rough days.

The pass, which cost Rs 420 at the time, was issued on 07.08.1997.

Sharing the photo of the collar, the fan had written in Hindi that only those who have struggled in the real sense can understand the pain of others. He further mentioned how the actor used to travel by local train from Mumbai, carrying the Rs 420 pass.

Sonu Soon re-tweeted the post and wrote: “Life is a full circle.”

Responding to another fan who shared the photo from the same passage, Sood wrote in Hindi: “Safar to abhi bhi jaari hai dost. Farak sirf itna hai ki manzil badal gayi hai aur is safar mei mere humsafar mere pravasi bhai ban gaye (The journey continues, my friend. The only difference is that the destination has changed, and my migrant brothers have become my companions on this journey) . ”

Sonu Sood’s efforts to help migrants are praised not only by fans, but also by politicians and other Bollywood celebrities.

Recently, the actor organized special chartered planes to rescue Odisha’s girls stranded in Kerala during the lockdown and bring them home.

Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik took to Twitter and thanked the actor for his help. He wrote: “Thanks to Bollywood actor @SonuSood for showing up to help #Odisha girls, stranded in Kerala during # COVID19 nationwide lockdown, get home safely. His humanitarian gesture is indeed laudable.

Responding to the Odisha CM, Sonu Sood wrote: “Thank you very much for your encouraging words, sir. I felt it was my duty to bring our stranded sisters back to their homes. I will continue to support those stranded all over the place. our country. “

Earlier, the actor shared a glimpse of his cell phone’s lock screen which is full of migrant message notifications. Sharing the video, he wrote: “” We are receiving your messages at this speed. My team and I are doing our best to help everyone! But if we miss any messages in there, I’m sorry. “

The actor had also donated 1,500 PPE kits to doctors in the Punjab and opened his hotel in Mumbai to provide free accommodation for healthcare workers.

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22 years old Sonu Sood train pass

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Sonu Sood is India’s new favorite person. He became an indispensable helping hand for many as he brought thousands of stranded migrants back home. He has answered every cry for help possible and has also inspired others in the industry – like Swara Bhaskar – to do the same.

As the citizens most affected by the coronavirus shutdown, members of these migrant worker families have expressed their gratitude to Sonu Sood – one woman did so by naming her newborn baby after him.


Responding to one of the videos he shared, someone named Arvind Pandey shared an image of Sonu Sood’s train pass from 22 years ago. The caption read: “A person who has struggled in reality can sympathize with the pain of others. At one time, Sonu Sood was traveling by train with the Rs 420 ticket.

The pass with the photo of Sood’s shows the date of issue July 8, 1997 and the ticket must be dated March 6, 1998. The pass was apparently between Borivali and Churchgate in Mumbai. At the time, he was 24 years old.

The tweet was re-shared by Sonu Sood himself with the caption “Life has come full circle”.

He recently set up a migrant helpline toll-free number, which redirected people to a WhatsApp number where they could send their information – where they wanted to travel – and retweeted a video shared by KK Mookhey, who he worked with to organize this. The video shows the number to be bombarded with messages from stranded migrants and the image of his 22-year-old train pass was tweeted in response to the video.

People like Sonu Sood are really making a difference on the pitch – it’s people like him who history will fondly remember, for using their money and power to help those in need.

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The Last Chance Tour Train Pass is more than just a ticket to travel | Business

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Shull is not hyperbolic. The Last Chance Train Tour serves between 16,000 and 20,000 people per year. Shull explained that tourists see the city center, but it can be difficult to get them back on their own.

It was Shull’s idea to give the riders a free gift.

“I could say ‘10% off at Birds & Beasleys’, but what is Birds and Beasleys anyway?” Shull said. “But if I say ‘free gift’ then more people get incentive.”

Sandy Shull, owner of Birds & Beasleys, had originally planned to stay for only five years, but is considering 21 years in the business instead.

Thomas Bridge,

Shull said about 3,000 people a year enter his store because of the boarding pass. She said it’s a huge return on investment. Businesses pay between $ 600 and $ 700, according to Holmes, and freebies or discounts usually don’t cost that much.

“We’re getting our money back and more,” said Shull.

This year’s Birds & Beasleys giveaway is a small sample of locally made honey, diary, and one of Jane Beasley’s miniature bird portraits. It’s relatively inexpensive, but very unique.

In the first year, Birds & Beasleys was the only company to participate. Eventually, more companies than a boarding pass could fit wanted to be part of the partnership. Now businesses run on interest and location, limited to one business per block.

“As an ambassador, we also encourage people to check out other stores in the area,” said Shull. “The ambassador’s job is to broadcast the case and act as a bloc representative.”

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“So shocked! Spectators delighted to see steam train pass through Wimbledon

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Delighted railroad enthusiasts were treated to a rare sight on Saturday as a passenger steam train passed through southwest London for the first time in nearly five years.

The Cathedral Express, pulled by a Black Five locomotive, passed through Tooting and stopped at Wimbledon to pick up nine of its 300 passengers.

Unsuspecting spectators and avid enthusiasts took photos on their smartphones of the historic train, operated by the Steam dreams railway company, called at Wimbledon en route to Portsmouth harbor.

Volunteer steward Timothy Davies, from Farnham, said: “It’s an exciting day for steam train fans as we don’t stop at Wimbledon often, a lot of our trips wouldn’t even go down that part of the line. main. “

He added: “There will be people on the platform who have come specifically to see the train stop here, but along the way I expect to see people in the fields, at the stations and on railway bridges hoping to glimpse. “

It was by chance that the train stopped in the famous tennis district of Merton: Steam Dreams was the brain child of Marcus Robertson, whose mother wrote about Wimbledon’s most famous residents, The Wombles.

Mr Davies, whose duties include welcoming guests and assisting with boarding, said: “Marcus is still one of the most important people in the business and I’m sure there is much affection for Wimbledon.


Although the company picks up passengers at over 100 stations across the UK each year, the last time a steam train passed through the two stations in South West London was in December 2013 .

Sally and Jeff Armitage, of Sutton, enjoyed several days and vacations aboard steam trains, but this was the first time they could embark at Wimbledon.

Ms. Armitage said: “It is unique to come here, a short bus ride from home.”

She added: “The trips are wonderful – such an experience. The staff are very attentive and the food is excellent.

Lucky Premier and Pullman passengers received a champagne breakfast on the outward journey and a three-course dinner on the return.

The cars, complete with white tablecloths and table lamps, were pulled by the LMS Stanier Black Five 45212 which was built at Armstrong Whitworth in 1935 and returned to the main line in 2017.

The locomotive is one of 18 “Black Fives” to survive in preservation.

Joe Brothwell, of Hither Green, was taken aback by the special duty as he waited for his train at platform number 9 at Wimbledon.

He said: “It was great to see a steam train this morning and totally unexpected – it’s not like it’s on any of the panels.

“I felt like I had been transported to another era. It was a very cool thing to see and I’m so glad I was early for my train for once!

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The innovators: a virtual train pass that allows you to get the best price even after the trip | Entrepreneurs

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BBuying a train ticket in Great Britain can be a nerve-racking experience. Getting the best price available for a train trip, while facing long queues to see a seller, can test even the most sturdy patience.

In the coming months, commuters in Greater Anglia will be offered a new service that aims to simplify train travel and charge users the best price, avoiding the often Byzantine fares of train travel.

MultiPass is an application that finds the best rate for the day or the week, depending on how the user has traveled previously. Commuters must register on the app after arriving at the station. The app then works like a virtual pass, recording journeys, with data used to determine the best fare. A trial involving 100 people last year is now extended to a full operating system from May with the aim of replacing paper tickets.

Alexander Peschkoff, one of the three co-founders, said there was frustrating complexity regarding the type of tickets purchased from a machine at a station – understanding what time was considered full or slack the inability to change the ticket once you have purchased it.

“The idea was to recreate something similar to the ticket office experience where you walk into the ticket office and say ‘I’m going to Manchester’ [and they say] ‘When will you come back? Tomorrow? Here is your ticket. ‘ Done, ”he said.

The MultiPass system works similarly to the London Oyster Card, where the cheapest fare is calculated for all journeys made in one day. When the user enters a station, a beacon registers his presence via the application and he enters his destination. A barcode ticket is issued to the phone to show to an inspector.

The actual price of the tickets used is only settled at the end of the week, giving the best possible price on the basis of the outward and return journeys, and also takes into account whether a weekly subscription would reduce the users’ bill.

“If you buy a single but your plans change and you have to go back, you have to buy another,” Peschkoff said. “With MultiPass, we offer you a virtual ticket, a flexible ticket. It is stored in the cloud and is only settled on weekends. If you travel more during the week, we will cancel the original ticket and replace it with a more suitable and better version of the ticket.

Buying tickets from vending machines does not guarantee the best price. Photograph: NewsCast

“If you wake up on a Monday morning and decide to go to Cambridge and buy a one-way ticket, with MultiPass you always buy a one-way ticket, you get a one-way ticket, you go to Cambridge and then you come back. We’re saying we’ve already charged you £ 19.90 for a one-way ticket, but the return is £ 24, so we’ll only charge you for the return fare, ”says Peschkoff.

If customers make the round trip to Cambridge every day, then by Thursday they will have racked up four round trip tickets in the cloud. MultiPass will therefore cancel them all and replace them with a cheaper seven-day subscription.

“Then we tell you that you can travel for free on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays because you bought the ticket,” adds Peschkoff.

This can allow users to take advantage of tickets they may not have been aware of, according to Peschkoff, who said three-quarters of people bought their tickets at the station.

Many travelers were unaware, he said, that round-trip tickets were valid for 30 days after purchase. The majority of people who would benefit from buying a weekly ticket do not buy them because of the cost. “People don’t realize it,” he said.

A first test took place in 24 stations between London Liverpool Street and Cambridge with 100 customers. The Greater Anglia rail network, operated by Abellio, will be equipped with beacons by May and the MultiPass system will then be deployed, route by route. The first routes to go online will be London-Cambridge, followed by lines to Southend and Norwich. All routes will be completed by the end of the year, Peschkoff said.

How MultiPass works.
How MultiPass works. Photography: Abellio Greater Anglia

Another pilot project is planned for the north of England, most likely between Sheffield, Doncaster and York. The aim of MultiPass is to become a nationwide ticketing system, eventually used on contactless payment cards in the same way as adopted by the London Underground. Navigating the complex network that is the UK rail network – and its 24 operators – is a huge challenge, however, with the only slight relief being that some companies operate multiple rail franchises. “It’s wizarding,” Peschkoff said.

There has been some resistance from operators who benefit from customers buying tickets at a higher price, he said, and there is a complex bureaucracy of getting multiple approvals and clearances from each operator. .

The company earns money by taking a commission from operators on tickets sold, while consumers no longer pay for their journeys. So far £ 2million has been invested in the business and it has received £ 1.1million from Innovate in the UK, the government agency that supports the funding of research and technological development. He also developed a secure wearable device.

Peschkoff said tackling the UK’s complex rail and ticketing system would give them a better basis for international expansion. “Once we’ve cracked the UK, the rest is simple.”

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