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Bugsnax is coming to Switch, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass in April

A major free content update for Bugnax, the charming puzzle adventure set on an island filled with insects made of food, will be coming to the game on April 28, developer Young Horses announced on Tuesday. Called Bigsnax Islandthe complement of the original Bugnax will send players to a new island full of new things to catch.

Bugnax and its free update are also coming to new platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The game is also coming to Steam. (Bugnax was exclusive to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the Epic Games Store when it launched in 2020.)

The new versions of Bugnax will cost $24.99 at launch, thanks to a 20% discount. Game Pass subscribers will have access from day one to Bugnax on Xbox, Windows PC and Cloud platforms.

Bugsnax: Bigsnax Island will add a new landmass to the main game. This new habitat will have brand new quests, puzzles, and Bugsnax to discover. New to the game will be creatures like the Cellystix, a stick insect made from celery; the Cheddorb, a rolling port cheese ball; Bunger Royale, an oversized Bunger with tater tots for members; Tikkada Masala, a cicada with naan wings; Spaghider, an eight-legged mass of pasta; and other fun mashups of snacks and insects.

According to Young Horses, players can expect three to four hours of new game content in Bigsnax Islandwith voice actors Yuri Lowenthal, Casey Mongillo, Debra Wilson and Haviland Stillwell returning to deliver new quests and dialogue. BugnaxThe April update also means additional features for the main game, including a new letter system where island residents will send challenges to you. Complete these challenges to earn goodies, which players can use to decorate their custom hut, living space, and storage. Console players will also have access to fast travel.

Even better, the Bugsnax of Bugnax also benefit from a major improvement: the ability to wear hats. These hat-adorned creatures are the shiny Pokémon of the Bugsnax world, says Young Horses.

You can see more Bugsnax: Bigsnax Island in the release date trailer above.

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