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Best EA games on Xbox Game Pass (via EA Play / Ultimate)

Anyone who subscribes to Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has access to EA Play. An EA Play subscription gives subscribers a library of some of EA Games’ most beloved titles. From a deluge of Madden and NBA 2K games to gems like A Way Out, EA Play’s catalog is undeniably a bargain to be had.

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However, if there are any doubts about the quality of these titles, here is a rundown of the best games offered by EA Play. The variety is amazing and the library of good times that await gamers there makes EA’s membership a welcome addition to the Xbox Game Pass collection.


Skating 3

Skateboard 3, 3 guys jumping on a catwalk
  • Approximate duration of the game: N / A
  • Kind: Skating simulation
  • Developer: Electronic arts black box
  • X | S improved: Yes
  • File size: 6.7 GB

While players have recently seen the “revival” on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater with the remakes of the first two titles, there are still those who prefer a more “grounded” Skate Sim. Skate 3 offers some of the best physics in the genre, underscored by addicting gameplay that takes practice and dedication to master.

A vibrant world to navigate, customization options, and utterly hilarious ragdoll effects combine to create one of the best skating simulators on the market. Many players have called for the series to continue and are hopeful that a new entry is about to be released in the near future. For now, players can jump into Skate 3.

Star Wars Squadrons

Star Wars: VR Squads
  • Approximate duration of the game: 10 hours
  • Kind: Space flight simulation
  • Developer: Motivational studios
  • X | S improved: Yes
  • File size: 24 GB (October 2021)

Squadrons are putting together a trio of calls for potential players – it’s a deep space flight simulation, it’s a very competitive multiplayer title with a high skill cap, and of course it’s a Star Wars game. . Needless to say, there is a lot to like here. Much of the single-player campaign takes place after the Rebel victory at Endor and the destruction of the Second Death Star, switching the player between two polar perspectives throughout the missions: that of the Vanguard Squadron, a group of fighters veteran rebels, and Titan. Squadron, a dreaded and elite cohort of Imperial pilots.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Banner for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order featuring Cal Kestis and the Second Sister with an Empire badge on the right side.
  • Approximate duration of the game: 17 hours
  • Kind: Third person action
  • Developer: Respawn entertainment
  • X | S improved: Yes
  • File size: 43 GB

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order continues to take control of Star Wars. This one has received critical acclaim, with many comparing it to other difficult third-person versions like Dark Souls and Nioh. It’s definitely one of the best story-driven Star Wars games to come out in recent years, challenging players to unlock its story by navigating its challenging levels.

Those who love the feeling of third-person action games will definitely want to put this one at the top of their list. Even players unfamiliar with Star Wars history or “out of the universe” should still find a lot to like about the release.

The sims 4

Sim running a Sims 4 vacuum cleaner
  • Approximate duration of the game: N / A
  • Kind: Casual life simulation
  • Developer: Maxis
  • X | S improved: No
  • File size: 18 GB (October 2021)

The Sims franchise is one of the most popular life simulation games, if not the most popular. The Sims 4 is available on EA Play and contributes to the diversity of the titles in this collection. Personalization is the name of the game, and The Sims 4 lets you meticulously craft a home, family, and career with a high degree of personalization. While fans of the franchise may be eagerly awaiting an announcement for the release of The Sims 5, a host of updates have given The Sims 4 a new experience over the years since its initial release.

Fall of the Titans 2

Titanfall 2 ronin
  • Approximate duration of the game: 7 hours
  • Kind: First person shooter
  • Developer: Respawn entertainment
  • X | S improved: No
  • File size: 68 GB (October 2021)

Titanfall 2 has big robots, cool guns, and parkour maneuvers on the walls. That should probably be enough to appeal to any FPS / mecha lover, but even this relatively short but nonetheless bombastic description sells it a bit short. Respawn knows what it’s doing when it comes to crafting a tight FPS title, because all of Titanfall 2’s mechanics just feel refined in a way that seems rare in today’s gaming industry.

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The campaign is also incredibly well-written and engaging, following pilot-in-training Jack Cooper as he is prematurely pushed into the pilot’s seat of a Titan named BT-7274, which features a thief personality and a mind-set. is clean. Titanfall 2 is often seen as a criminally underrated gem in the FPS genre, and it certainly deserves a playthrough.


  • Approximate duration of the game: 6 hours
  • Kind: Action Adventure Cooperative
  • Developer: Hazelight Studios
  • X | S improved: No
  • File size: 17 GB (October 2021)

Certainly a standout title in the EA Play library, A Way Out is a must-have game for a couple of friends looking to experience narrative play together. A Way Out follows two convicts as they escape prison and escape authorities. The gameplay is mainly about walking around and interacting with objects in the world. However, there are many moments in the game that introduce new elements that continue to play out throughout the story. From button-smashing of fast-paced events to first-person shooters inspired by action-packed brawl segments, A Way Out borrows from multiple genres, making it an unforgettable and hilarious game from start to finish. While some of the story rhythms feel forced and the dialogue might seem awkward, it does make players love the game instead of alienating them.

Dead space

dead space isaac
  • Approximate duration of the game: 12 hours
  • Kind: Third Person Shooter / Survival Horror
  • Developer: Visceral Games (formerly EA Redwood Shores)
  • X | S improved: No
  • File size: 6 GB (October 2021)

In space, no one can hear you scream. But they can certainly hear you screaming aboard the USG Ishimura. Embodied as Isaac Clarke, players are dispatched as part of a repair team tasked with repairing the aforementioned mining vessel after its communications go mysteriously silent – only to discover that horrific mutated flesh monsters are known to exist. as the Necromorphs overtook the ship and murdered the vast majority of the crew.

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Dead Space leans on one end of the action-laden horror spectrum, as Isaac has access to a wide variety of interesting weapon options when it comes to dealing with the Necromorph threat. But the visceral combat and all-pervading tension are nothing short of masterfully executed and really work to his advantage.

Mass effect 2

mass effect coverage 2
  • Approximate duration of the game: 25 hours
  • Kind: Third person RPG
  • Developer: BioWare
  • X | S improved: No
  • File size: 13 GB (October 2021)

While some would automatically assume that EA’s most notable service games like FIFA and Battlefield would be the trophies in the EA Play collection, fantasy RPGs are also EA’s bread and butter. Among these is the Mass Effect series from BioWare. EA Play offers all of the Mass Effect entries in the franchise, including Mass Effect: Andromeda, but the band’s crown jewel is obviously Mass Effect 2. Known for its incredible upgrades over the original formula, Mass Effect 2 is the Commander Shepard’s epic sequel. story. The fight against the Reapers, the organization of the Normandy crew and the mystery of the Illusion Man are part of the package. If intense multiplayer isn’t your cup of tea, Mass Effect 2 is just the immersive sci-fi tale for you.


Peggle screenshot
  • Approximate duration of the game: 5 hours
  • Kind: Puzzle
  • Developer: PopCap Games
  • X | S improved: No
  • File size: 640 MB (October 2021)

Peggle’s name should be whispered in the halls of the best underrated puzzle games of all time. This delicious title from PopCap Games is as masterful as it is understated. Players simply shoot balls at stakes and make specific colored stakes disappear using only a set number of balls. However, the iterations of this gameplay loop are what make Peggle so fantastic. Different “characters” have different abilities which make eliminating the stakes in the most optimal way an engaging challenge. Some shoot multiple bullets at once instead of just one. Others turn your ball into a fiery hell that removes large strips of stakes in one pass. While Peggle may be a short experience, it is fun. EA Play’s library is made even more enjoyable by its inclusion.

Battlefield 1

battlefield 1
  • Approximate duration of the game: 8 hours
  • Kind: First person shooter
  • Developer: OF
  • X | S improved: No
  • File size: 74 GB (October 2021)

While this may have created an awkward naming convention, Battlefield 1 is arguably the most unique release from the franchise in terms of aesthetics and setting. Where most contemporary MilSims and tactical shooters cover beaten ground between WWII and the modern era, Battlefield 1 has returned a few pages further and within a framework than the genre (and video games as a whole). rarely visit – the heart-wrenching trenches of WWI. Of course, the basic Battlefield formula is still well established with beautiful sandbox (and destructible) environments, in-depth vehicle gameplay, and massive multiplayer battles on a scale and scope rarely rivaled outside of MMO titles. . But it’s the distinct WWI aesthetic that ties this one together – the design of historic tanks, for example, really makes it clear that this is a turning point in world history to a myriad of levels.

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