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Bengalureans want universal pass to be covid safe

By Nandini S.

BBMP chief says city follows strict practice of only allowing double-vaccinated people into malls and movie theaters

Is there any plan to introduce a “universal travel pass” in Bangalore? With the Omicron afraid to patrol the city, many are lobbying civic agencies to introduce such a system into bangalore. On this, Gaurav Gupta, Chief Commissioner of the BBMP, said: “We follow a strict practice that only fully vaccinated people are allowed in cinemas and shopping malls. Meanwhile, a BBMP official said if there was demand then plans for a system could be discussed.

Meanwhile, the demand for booster doses is also increasing. A health official said: “Karnataka is one of the first states in the country to require booster doses and the center has yet to take a final call. Look at recent cases of Omicron… Most patients turn out to be double vaccinated. About five cases of Omicron reported on Thursday were all those who had been fully vaccinated. It is best to opt for a booster dose at the earliest.

Another health expert said: ‘We are seeing a massive rise in covid cases in the UK and the UK Prime Minister has also demanded booster doses. It should be a wake-up call for us to give booster doses at the earliest before we see an increase in Omicron cases here.

Meanwhile, the total positivity rate in the state hit a new low of just 0.2%, according to Friday’s health report. Karnataka has reported 238 new covid cases and three deaths which indicates that the total number of infections is 30,01,792 and the death toll is 38,282, the health department noted.

The day also marked 317 discharges, bringing the total number of recoveries in the state to 29,56,405. Of the new cases reported today, 153 were from Bengaluru Urban and the city recorded 185 discharges and 2 deaths. The total number of active cases is 7,076. Of the three reported deaths, two were from Bengaluru Urban and one from Mysuru.

After Bengaluru Urban, Dakshina Kannada recorded the second highest number of new cases19. Mysuru recorded 15, and kodagu registered 13 new cases. Bengaluru Urban now has a total of 12,59,738 positive cases. Mysuru has 1,80,119 and Tumakuru has 1,21,234. According to the department bulletin, Bengaluru Urban has a total of 12,37,765 rejections, followed by Mysuru at 1,77,525 and Tumakuru at 1,19,969. A total of 5,50,93,486 samples have been tested in the state so far, of which 1,17,058 were tested on Friday alone.

Debates over a cocktail

New pockets of infection and travel decrease covid-appropriate behaviors, increasing the incidence of covid-19 disease. The booster dose has been extensively studied in an observational study in Israel. Some Western countries already administer booster doses. There is a need to review and implement policies regarding booster doses in vulnerable populations.

WHO recommends mixing and matching the booster dose

As demanded by health experts in Bangalore, the World Health Organization released interim recommendations on Thursday for mixing and matching covid vaccines from different manufacturers for both the second dose and booster shots.

Depending on availability, mRNA vaccines, such as those developed by Pfizer Inc. and Moderna inc. can be used as subsequent doses after initial doses of AstraZeneca’s vector vaccine and vice versa, the global health body said.

AstraZeneca and all mRNA vaccines can also be used after initial doses of Sinopharm’s inactivated vaccine, the WHO said. Viral vector vaccines contain instructions for making coronavirus antigens, while mRNA vaccines use a code from SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes covid, to trigger an immune response in recipients.

Inactivated vaccines take the SARS-CoV-2 virus and inactivate or kill it using chemicals, heat or radiation. The guideline was developed based on advice from WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Vaccines earlier this month. The recommendation comes after a major study last week. The WHO also said mixing and matching should consider supply projections, accessibility and benefits, and the risks of the covid vaccines used. Recommendations will be reviewed as new data becomes available. world health agency noted.

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