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Back 4 Blood, The Riftbreaker and more

September has been a great month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers with over a dozen titles added to the service. As we move into October, we can look forward to even more games. Microsoft hasn’t provided a full list of titles coming to Xbox Game Pass in October 2021, but we know of at least six confirmed to date.

Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition is actually the first title of the month. The console version of the popular turn-based strategy / action title from X-COM series creator Julian Gallop arrived on Xbox Game Pass as a launch title on October 1. Horizons add-on.

Back 4 Blood is probably the most anticipated title on the list so far. It launches on October 12 and will be available on day one on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Back 4 Blood is essentially a spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series – a cooperative multiplayer shooter in which you fight swarming hordes of zombies.

The Riftbreaker looks surprisingly entertaining. After crossing a one-way portal to Galatea 37 and arriving on the alien planet of Galatea 37, your mission is to prepare it for human colonization. The gameplay is a mixture of basic building strategy, survival and exploration and action-RPG. as you reclaim the planet to collect various resources and use them to build the infrastructure necessary for human life.

  • Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition – October 1
  • Return 4 Blood – October 12
  • Le Brise-Faille – October 14
  • Eternal Return (free with exclusive benefits for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members) – October 19
  • Echo Generation – October 21
  • Bassmaster Fishing 2022 – October 28

Eternal Return is actually a free-to-play preview title so that anyone can technically play MOBA. However, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can claim exclusive perks featured in the Ultimate Pack: 9 characters and some A-Coin and XP Boosts.

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That’s all we currently know about the Xbox Game Pass arrival in October 2021, but the list is sure to grow over the next few days and weeks. We’ll be sure to let you know if any additional titles are added.

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