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Absorb the power of Unsouled on Xbox, Game Pass, Switch and PC

Come on, admit it – you’re in for a challenging ARPG with brutal and fast-paced gameplay, aren’t you? How about we add some super sleek pixel visuals for good measure? Sold? This will be Unsouled which you need to download as the game is releasing on Xbox, Game passPC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

From the teams at NEOWIZ and Megusta Game, Unsouled promises a lot, while following the story of a prince who discovers he has the power to absorb the souls of the dead, growing in power with each breath.

Retailing for £16.74 on the Xbox Store, Unsouled will let you battle hordes of the most dangerous creatures, use a combo system and counter attacks to stay ahead of the game – by ahead of the game, which means you start to have a small chance of surviving more than two minutes.

With fast-paced combat moments found across five story chapters, while looking to hone your skills through seven boss skills, sixteen character options, and no less than sixty top passives, becoming one with Unsouled won’t be easy. heart.

Key features include:

  • – Fast and Sleek Combat – Enemies in Unsouled react to every move you make. Stay on your toes at all times as the slightest mistake will be met with relentless enemy attacks.
  • – Expert controls and timing – Execute various skill combos and counter attacks for maximum damage. Use the “Abyss” system to get a closer look at the game’s unique mechanics. Players may be tempted to lower the difficulty settings, but mastering real combat takes practice.
  • – Chained Attacks – Each skill combo in Unsouled has its own unique triggers. Each time you use a skill, your character will flash for a brief second. Use this opportunity to turn your initial strike into a series of deadly blows by performing one skill after another. Learning each skill’s slow pattern is crucial to mastering chain attacks.
  • – Counter-attacks – Combos are not the only tool at your disposal. The counterattack mechanics stay true to the high risk, high reward principle, allowing you to decimate multiple targets in one seamless attack when done correctly. Mastering chain counterattacks is key to turning the tide on your attackers.
  • – Interactive Objects – Slamming an enemy into a wall, pushing them off the ledge, chopping down a tree to crush them, or even knocking down a large object to create a makeshift bridge are just a few of the many ways to overcome various obstacles and threats in the game.
  • – Passive and Active Souls – You can encounter special souls while battling and exploring. Passive souls take effect immediately upon being obtained, enhancing abilities, unlocking new skills, or enhancing existing ones. Active Souls are manually activated through button interaction which can unlock skills normally reserved for bosses, and are used for combos as well as evading enemies.
  • – Beautiful pixel art – “Journey through five distinct locations, each filled with unique retro-style visuals with creepy and fun enemies. Each individual pixel is affected by real-time lighting, which means you can enjoy the graphics of rich, vibrant pixels in all its glory!

A game preview and early access period on Steam should ensure that Unsouled hits the market in good shape – find out for sure in our next review, or grab the game for yourself on Steam, the Xbox Store or the Nintendo eShop.

Description of the game:

Play as the Fallen Prince in Unsouled, a sleek and fast-paced 2D action RPG. Fight your way through interactive environments and adrenaline-pumping encounters as you unravel the mysteries behind this world filled with the undead.

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