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7 reasons to play Hades on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation

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  • “Hades” is an action game in which you try to escape from the depths of Hell.
  • In addition to Nintendo Switch and PC, the game is now available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.
  • Xbox Game Pass members ($ 10 / month) can currently play “Hades” at no additional cost.

“Hades”, one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2020, is now available to play on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. For a limited time, you can play “Hades” at no additional cost if you have an Xbox Game Pass membership. The Game Pass starts at $ 10 per month and gives members access to over 100 titles. Meanwhile, PlayStation owners can purchase “Hades” for $ 25 from PlayStation Store.

The action game is a dungeon robot that lets you play as the prince of the underworld Zagreus. In defiance of your father Hades, you make your way through hell in an attempt to break through the surface. After each failed escape, you emerge from a pool of blood where you started.

From the calming soundtrack and cool bonuses to interesting dungeons and the dog petting feature, these are the reasons I think “Hades” is a must-have title, especially for Xbox Game Pass members.

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