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5 Best Horror Games To Play On Game Pass In March 2022

Horror games are no longer a niche genre, with fear proving to be an extremely popular medium for movies and video games. From brutal survival experiences to co-op adventures filled with scary jumps, this genre has a lot to offer players.

Nothing can compete with the indie market when it comes to horror video games, as evidenced by titles like Outlast and Visage. Horror is one of the most popular video game genres and is frequently featured in YouTube compilations and streams. Luckily, Game Pass has a plethora of great horror titles, old and new, for players to purchase right now.

Outlast 2, Dead by Daylight and other Game Pass horror games to try in March 2022

5) The evil within 2

Editor: Bethesda Softworks

While the sequel to Evil Within isn’t quite as bloody, it still has the same nightmarish imagery. Detective Sebastian Castellanos is back, for personal reasons this time. To save his daughter, he must once again enter the world of STEM.

In the game, a supposedly peaceful mental community has been overtaken by the nightmares of a sadist, and players must accompany Sebastian as he navigates his way through the horrors. The Evil Within 2 has a “camp” element that the original game lacked, which makes it a little less terrifying.

While it’s fun to watch Sebastian play an arcade shooter while his child is in danger, players will be terrified every time the Ghost Woman Anima visits.

4) Face

Editor: Studio SadSquare

Face, like Layers of Fear and the famous PT teaser, is a spooky experience without frantic chase sequences or gruesome survival combat. For the most part, players are just traveling through the shadowy hallways of a dimly lit house. Face is known for its terrifying visuals and creepy noises.

While the game mechanics are constrained, the fear remains intact. Visage’s contribution to the Xbox Game Pass library is great for a late-night gaming session when you’re home alone and have turned off all the lights.

3) Dead space 2

Publishers: electronic arts

The original Dead Space was pretty terrifying, but Visceral Games has gone above and beyond with the sequel. Players step back into the engineer shoes of Isaac Clarke as he processes gruesome footage of his murdered lover and the rise of the hideous Necromorphs. Despite Clarke being more than capable of dealing with these monsters, the terrors that await her in an abandoned elementary school or a Unitarian church are nothing short of horrifying.

The return to USG Ishimura is as terrifying as game one players remember. The inclusion of Dead Space 2 in the Xbox Game Pass collection is a horror fan’s fantasy come true. Everything players enjoyed in the first game has been brought back in the sequel, and more. Dead Space 2 also improves Dead Space’s Zero-G controls.

2) Survive 2

Editor: red barrels

With its harrowing journey through Mount Massive Asylum, the first Outlast took the gaming industry by storm. Outlast 2 players are dropped off at a gruesome cult colony somewhere in the Arizona desert, where they must help Blake Langermann escape with his life.

While the vast regions are significantly more open than the narrow confines of Asylum, Outlast 2 is no less terrifying than the first. This sequel traps players in dire circumstances that require equal amounts of stealth and fury sprints. It may not be a long, drawn-out experience, but it packs enough jaw-dropping moments to make it a memorable addition to the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

1) Dead by daylight

Publishers: Interactive Behavior, Starbreeze Studios, Koch Media

Asymmetric multiplayer games tend to be fairly uneven experiences, but Dead By Daylight’s spooky twist on the premise pulls it off admirably. While the killer punishes irresponsible individual actions, pitting one killer against up to four survivors brilliantly conveys the tense mood of a conventional story.

On the other hand, well-coordinated teamwork can stifle the murderer. Since its debut in 2016, Dead By Daylight has received constant updates, with wonderful bits of DLC channeling big names in horror such as Friday 13 to more current examples such as stranger things.

Edited by Sandeep Banerjee

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