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22 years old Sonu Sood train pass

Sonu Sood is India’s new favorite person. He became an indispensable helping hand for many as he brought thousands of stranded migrants back home. He has answered every cry for help possible and has also inspired others in the industry – like Swara Bhaskar – to do the same.

As the citizens most affected by the coronavirus shutdown, members of these migrant worker families have expressed their gratitude to Sonu Sood – one woman did so by naming her newborn baby after him.


Responding to one of the videos he shared, someone named Arvind Pandey shared an image of Sonu Sood’s train pass from 22 years ago. The caption read: “A person who has struggled in reality can sympathize with the pain of others. At one time, Sonu Sood was traveling by train with the Rs 420 ticket.

The pass with the photo of Sood’s shows the date of issue July 8, 1997 and the ticket must be dated March 6, 1998. The pass was apparently between Borivali and Churchgate in Mumbai. At the time, he was 24 years old.

The tweet was re-shared by Sonu Sood himself with the caption “Life has come full circle”.

He recently set up a migrant helpline toll-free number, which redirected people to a WhatsApp number where they could send their information – where they wanted to travel – and retweeted a video shared by KK Mookhey, who he worked with to organize this. The video shows the number to be bombarded with messages from stranded migrants and the image of his 22-year-old train pass was tweeted in response to the video.

People like Sonu Sood are really making a difference on the pitch – it’s people like him who history will fondly remember, for using their money and power to help those in need.

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