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Jan Game Pass includes Outer Wilds, Mass Effect Legendary Edition

To share Tweeter To share To share E-mail As has become tradition, Microsoft announced a plethora of games coming to Xbox Game Pass on Xbox wire. The first half of January features quality games, from the first triple-A titles to beloved indie games. Here’s everything coming to the Xbox Game pass between now and January […]

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Psychonauts 2 fans should try Broken Age on Game Pass

January 2022 marks a new year and another year of games coming to Xbox Game Pass, and this month has brought some incredible titles to the service. A title joining the Game Pass roster was created by award-winning developer Double Fine, the studio behind the recent hit Psychonauts 2 and other popular games like Grim […]

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New Xbox Game Pass games for January 2022 are perfect for platform fans

After a remarkably solid year 2021, Xbox Game Pass kicks off the new year with another awesome selection added to the service. In particular, it’s already clear from this month’s free games that EA Play’s link with Game Pass remains strong. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is now available through Game Pass and includes remastered versions […]

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Embr, a multiplayer firefighting game, is now available on Xbox Game Pass

On all platforms, the game also contains a new mode. Embr is now available on Xbox Game Pass, giving Xbox Game Pass customers unlimited access to the frenzied firefighting game. Embr allows up to four players to take on the role of novice firefighters, fighting fires, and saving civilians (and their belongings) from disasters. The […]

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How does the IATA Travel Pass work?

As the aviation industry reboots after more than a year of declining passenger numbers, the IATA Travel Pass becomes a pivotal initiative in this next chapter. Airlines around the world have introduced the mobile app to help travelers store and manage their information during the pandemic, but how does the tool actually work? Airlines across […]

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Drinkbox RPG Nobody Saves the World Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Nobody saves the world, the offbeat role-playing game of Guacamelee! Manufacturer Drinkbox Studios will launch on January 18 and will be available the same day for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, the studio said on Wednesday. The game will be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows 10 on Game Pass, and it’s also […]

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Rainbow Six Extraction Comes to Xbox Game Pass at Launch

Another game is coming to Xbox Game Pass this month and it’s a big game. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft’s cooperative tactical FPS, is slated for release this month and has just been announced as a launch title. of Xbox Game Pass. Rainbow Six Extraction will launch on January 20 and when it does, […]

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The Xbox Game Pass will be launched in 2022 with a bang

New year greetings! Xbox Game Pass kicks off 2022 with a bang, bringing the entirety of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to service. We’re talking about the popular RPG series, its role on Game Pass, and more. Plus, what we did over the holidays (hint: Halo Infinite multiplayer), Tencent’s sneaky foray into the gaming business, and […]

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Three new games are coming to Xbox Game Pass today

Microsoft has announced the next roster of games coming to Xbox Game Pass over the next two weeks, three of which are available today. Available now on console, PC and Cloud are Gorogoa, olija and The pedestrian. A beautifully hand drawn title illustrated by winner Jason Roberts Gorogoa is an “elegant evolution of the puzzle […]

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Game Pass titles to play before 2022 are clogging your backlog

As the Netflix-ification of the gaming world continues at a rapid pace, it becomes more and more difficult to justify not having the Xbox Game Pass – or the newly renamed PC Game Pass, if that’s where it is. find your sympathies for the platform. Even if you’re a veteran Game Pass subscriber, it can […]