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2022 is already looking good for Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft’s strategy with the Xbox Series X is built entirely around its Xbox Game Pass service. By offering its proprietary titles as Xbox Game Pass games from day one, Microsoft has ensured that Xbox Game Pass has virtually paid for itself and is a must-have subscription for anyone with an Xbox console. 2021 has already been a particularly impressive year for Xbox Game Pass, and it’s not even over yet.

Microsoft has a triple threat of AAA Xbox Game Pass games coming up, October bringing the third-party co-op shooter Back 4 Blood to Xbox Game Pass as a day one release, and November sees the launch of the highly anticipated Forza Horizon 5 on Microsoft’s subscription service. And then in December, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look forward to the addition of Infinite halo to Xbox Game Pass, ending an excellent year for Xbox Game Pass with Microsoft’s flagship franchise.

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New Xbox Game Pass games are typically announced every two months, with Microsoft having a new bundle of titles available for the first half of the month and another bundle in the second half of the month. But sometimes it announces upcoming Xbox Game Pass games well in advance. After all, every time a new game released on Xbox is announced, it’s also being announced for Game Pass, as all games released on Xbox are confirmed for day one of service.

Due to its proprietary games as well as deals with third-party publishers, Microsoft has already set up Xbox Game Pass for a stellar 2022. Here are the biggest games that have been confirmed for the Xbox Game Pass debut. year. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of new Xbox Game Pass games coming in 2022.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

a tale of the plague requiem hugo

A story of plague: innocence has gained a devoted fan base captivated by its dark setting and intense stealth gameplay, so many are understandably excited about the follow-up. Even better, A Plague Tale: Requiem will be available as Day One Xbox Game Pass when it launches in 2022, so fans can see what happens next without breaking the bank.

Atomic heart

mundfish atomic heart trailer robot

Atomic heart has been turning heads since its first trailer, drawing comparisons to games like BioShock and Publication date. Atomic heart doesn’t have a solid release date at the time of this writing, but the promising first-person shooter / RPG hybrid is expected to drop at some point in 2022. And when it does, it’ll be available. for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on the same day it is available to everyone.

Halo Infinite New Content

halo infinite multiplayer combat

It’s fair to say that most Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be focusing on full-fledged new games that are added to the service, but that’s not all when it comes to what the service has to offer in 2022. Even if Infinite haloThe release date of is December 8 and it will release before the arrival of the New Year, the game will have a lot of new content added throughout 2022, including some fan-favorite features that couldn’t make it through. cut for launch.

343 Industries has confirmed its intention to add a cooperative to the Infinite halo campaign as well as the publisher of the Forge mode in multiplayer at some point in 2022. This content will arrive as part of Infinite haloThe regular drops of new seasonal content from, which should go a long way in keeping fans engaged in the live game for the long haul. While Infinite haloTech Preview’s testing has been impressive, it usually takes at least a little while for these live service games to find their place, so expect Infinite halo to really start in 2022. And with Xbox Game Pass, subscribers can experience it all without paying full price for the game itself.

Party animal

party animal list

Party animal is, as the name suggests, an original board game that will release on Xbox Game Pass next year. Based on what has been shown to Party animal so far the game looks like Gang of beasts, itself having had some success on the Xbox Game Pass platform. Hopefully its Xbox Game Pass game status from day one ensures that many people donate Party animal a try, even if it’s not something they would usually play.

Red drop

The acquisition of Bethesda on Xbox has yet to truly show its value to Xbox fans. Microsoft honors Bethesda’s PS5 exclusivity agreements, which means critically acclaimed games like Death loop hasn’t even released on Xbox yet, although the next title of Death loop developer Arkane will be a Game Pass game from day one. Red drop is a cooperative vampire shooter, and while it’s only known conceptually at this point, fans should see a lot more of the game sooner rather than later. After all, Red dropThe release window for is a summer 2022 release, so we can expect a lot more information on that to fall in the coming months.

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STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl

stalker 2 xbox series x file size

At Microsoft’s E3 2021 press conference, one of the games that received the most spotlight was STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl. A rare next-generation exclusive Xbox game, STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl is one of the most visually impressive games on Xbox‘s upcoming titles list, with gameplay videos showing off an impressive combination of first-person shooter action and survival gameplay. tracker 2 is also notable for being one of the only Xbox Game Pass 2022 games with an actual release date.


Modding Starfield Fan Theories

Xbox’s acquisition of Bethesda was made primarily to secure exclusive games for Xbox and Game Pass, and one of the first truly major games that will result from the acquisition is the RPG in open world space. Starfield. Bethesda’s first new IP in decades, Starfield has a release date of November 11, 2022, putting it aside STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl as one of the few Xbox Game Pass games coming next year with actual release dates.

Bethesda showed off a cinematic trailer for Starfield at E3 2021 which showcased its core concept, but there is still a lot to learn about the game. Starfield Being already positioned as Xbox’s big 2022 holiday game, fans can expect marketing to ramp up in the coming months, with an appearance likely at big events like the Xbox E3 event of the year. next. This is the first single player game developed by Bethesda since 2015 Fallout 4, so expectations are high, and it will be interesting to see if Starfield is able to live up to the legacy of other beloved Bethesda titles. If so, fans may have a major new RPG series on their hands to match Publication date and Ancient scrolls.

Other Xbox Game Pass games for 2022

xbox aragami 2 game pass

  • Replaced

  • Crushers

  • Slime Breeder 2

  • Somerville

As previously mentioned, the games listed here are not an exhaustive list of all Xbox Game Pass titles coming in 2022, although there are a handful more that Microsoft has confirmed for service next year. In addition to these games, however, there is another likely addition to Xbox Game Pass for next year which, while not officially announced, should prove to be a solid addition to the service when it arrives. ultimately.

Criticism acclaimed Death loop is an exclusive one-year timed PS5 console, which means it may arrive on other platforms next September. Considering Death loopWe have to imagine that the game will be released on Xbox consoles and Game Pass as soon as possible, although official plans have not been announced at the time of this writing.

And that doesn’t even take into account the many Xbox Game Pass games for 2022 that haven’t even been announced yet, not to mention the older titles that will be coming to the service as well. But even if none of those other titles came to Game Pass, Microsoft would still have a solid 2022 in store for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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