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June 2021

How to get the Universal Travel Pass? How will this affect the Mumbaikars? here are the details

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For Mumbaikars who take local trains, a new QR code ID card with a picture of the pass holder will be introduced soon. According to the BMC, the railways and the state government are working on a strategy in which there would be five levels of travel using these QR code-based photo ID cards. Read on to learn about the Universal Travel Pass for Mumbai Local Trains, Universal Travel Pass registration and more.

How to obtain a universal transport ticket? Ticket details

This ‘Universal Travel Pass’ allows residents of Mumbai and its metropolitan areas to use local commuter trains, metro and monorail. All passes specify the level of travel, with travel permitted for both the level listed for the passes and those below. For the Degree 3 title, the holder is authorized to travel if the level of limitations in force is 1, 2 or 3. The holder of a Degree 2 title can only travel if the level of limitations in force is 1 or 2 . with a level 5 pass, gain access to all levels.

Online application for the Universal Travel Pass

The company applying for these QR-coded identity cards would be required to contact the state disaster management body, according to the proposal. The employee information will then be submitted and government authorities will determine the level to be assigned based on the company / function. The QR code on the pass can be scanned with a QR code reader on any smartphone to immediately determine whether the pass is genuine or not.

According to a letter sent to the railways by the State Disaster Management Authority, this would make it difficult for individuals to travel using fraudulent credentials. In addition, all public transport agencies, including railway agencies, have been allowed to levy penalties. Medical, state and federal personnel have been classified for travel on this basis.

More than 3,000 people with fake IDs were discovered by Central Railway officials, while more than 750 people were arrested by Western Railway officials, who collected Rs 15 lakh in fines. Authorities have so far captured 30,346 ticketless travelers and collected Rs 1.09 crore in fines since June.

The difference between this QR code identity card and the previous one is that this time the identity card will include a photograph of the bearer. These QR code cards will be scanned by staff. However, monitoring passengers at peak times is difficult as it would lead to congestion if everyone entering the station were scanned.


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Covid: Emirates extends IATA Travel Pass to 10 cities – News

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The Dubai carrier is partnering with Alhosn to make passenger travel even smoother.

Emirates, one of the world’s first airlines to fly the IATA Travel Pass in April, now offers the IATA Travel Pass solution to customers serving 10 cities and plans to expand it to all routes in its network in the coming weeks. In addition, Emirates has also partnered with Alhosn, the official United Arab Emirates app for contact tracing and health documentation related to Covid-19, to provide its customers with greater convenience and travel. more fluid.

Emirates COO Adel Al Redha said: “Over the past few months we have really accelerated our biometric, contactless and digital travel verification projects to provide our customers with even more convenience and convenience. insurance when traveling with Emirates. in Dubai International (DXB) to initiatives such as the IATA Travel Pass and integrations with health authority databases, these projects offer multiple benefits: a better customer experience, reduced paper usage, and efficiency and reliability improved controls on travel documents.

“We are grateful for the support of the authorities and our industrial partners in the successful deployment of these projects which strengthen the advanced aviation capabilities of Emirates and Dubai. “

Emirates customers traveling between Dubai and the following cities: London, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Istanbul, New York JFK, Moscow, Frankfurt, Charles De Gaulle and Amsterdam; can now use IATA Travel Pass to access the latest travel information related to Covid-19, including the location of PCR testing labs, and manage their Covid-19 travel documents such as vaccination and latest PCR test results .

Passengers on these flights will receive an SMS and an email with the activation code and instructions to download the IATA Travel Pass app.

The airline is making progress in its plans to deploy the IATA Travel Pass solution on its global network.

Since the start of the trials, Emirates has worked closely with IATA and its partners to improve the IATA Travel Pass experience based on customer feedback.

The IATA Travel Pass app is now available for iOS and Android users, and can also be used by customers with non-biometric passports.

From July, Emirates will integrate the Alhosn app into its check-in systems, expanding its existing integration with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

This enables customers traveling from the United Arab Emirates to benefit from fast and convenient digital recovery and verification of Covid-19 medical records, regardless of where in the United Arab Emirates they have completed their vaccination, or PCR testing. and Covid-19 antigens.

Customers who choose to allow access to their COVID-19-related health information through the Alhosn app for travel purposes can be assured that once the check-in formalities are completed, the information relating to their records Covid-19 medical devices will be immediately removed from Emirates systems.

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The Fiji Times »COVID-19 Fiji: Restriction on travel passes

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The permanent secretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr James Fong, said he had restricted all issuance of travel passes to minimize the occurrence of incidents such as the one that occurred in Nadroga last week.

He made the comment when responding to SODELPA parliamentarian Inosi Kuridrani, who claimed villagers in Namatakula were in danger after three people traveled from Suva and entered the village last Saturday with no indication as to whether ‘they had authorized COVID-19 protocols.

In a statement, Mr Kuridrani questioned the approval of the passes for all three, as it involved a move from a containment zone (Suva) to a non-containment zone (Namatakula).

“I learned about this on June 20, that individuals interacted with people in the village,” he said.

“I am informed that they are now in a form of quarantine on a farm near the village.

“Namatakula’s turaganikoro was informed by officials from the subdivision’s medical office (SDMO) that they would be testing these three people on Monday, June 21.

“Yet at that time these people had been in the village for at least two nights and had interacted with other villagers.

“SDMO staff informed our turaganikoro that they had not processed the passes. “

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Blockchain App Factory’s decentralized travel pass to make travel smooth, secure and transparent

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A Health Tech platform to store all medical records:
Blockchain App Factory has developed a unique blockchain-based application to provide users with an ideal platform to protect all of their medical records, especially COVID-19 test and vaccination reports, and access them digitally anywhere in the world. The platform was developed for one of the leading organizations of Africa, whose mission is to improve the lives of individuals through world-class social and financial services using modern technologies.

This application allows users to download their test reports and other medical records. The integration of blockchain technology will make this data stored on a decentralized network providing robust security, transparency and traceability. On the other hand, it removes the need to carry the original reports for travelers. Currently, it is accredited by 5 Central and East African countries with over 150,000 users.

A Decentralized Pass:
As a digital store for records, it uses QR technology to allow travelers to share their documents with embassies, airlines and other related organizations. Officers can verify medical certificates and COVID-19 test results without any complications. Also, it greatly reduces contact with other people in comparison. Overall, the platform gives travelers an advantage and ultimately makes the process much easier, less time consuming and more comfortable.

As an industry leading expert, Blockchain App Factory is proud to play a pivotal role in the development of such an authenticated platform, which helps travelers with secure health data that is impossible to modify or tamper with. It is now considered the Africa CDC Health Pass for crossing borders.

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New travel pass offers savings

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Content of the article

A new pass was launched on Tuesday to help Canadians explore their own backyard.

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The Canada Attractions Pass is like a national ticket for travel deals and experiences in a smartphone app. Various events and attractions are loaded on the app throughout the year with offers and savings.

Launched in Western Canada, pass holders will be able to save money at dozens of places like Calgary Tower, TELUS Spark, Many Chief Tours in Calgary, Columbia Icefields, Maligne Rafting Adventures, Banff Trail Rides, Western Canyoning Adventures at Abraham Lake, and Alberta Reynolds Museum. There are also new adventures like the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, Hydrofly Kelowna, Vespa YEG, Journey Bike Guides in Jasper and exploring northern Saskatchewan on horseback at Sturgeon River Ranch in Prince Albert National Park.

“There is no doubt that this pandemic has had a huge impact on the tourism industry. We have decided to give tourism a boost with a mechanism that helps our tourism partners to promote their sites for free. This is a time when resources will be limited. The pass also becomes a tool that allows our holder to have fun easily and at an affordable price, ”said Sandra Kam, Director of Sites and Tourism for Canada Attractions Pass.

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